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Frequency Agile Modulator


  • This modulator is tunable on entire CATV channels and has PLL ckt for accurate and stable frequency control and has separate If for Picture and Sound that makes is suitable for analog scrambling system. It has over modulation indicator and control for both audio & video signal for the case of adjustment.
  • Frequency Range: 48 to 860 Mhz available option 903 Mhz (E75)
  • Output Level: 120 dB / RF level control range : o to 10 dB
  • Picture IF: 38.9 Mhz/Sound IF : 33.4 Mhz/Seperate IF for Video & Audio
  • Power requirement: 230 V A/c /Dimension : Fits in 19” Rack
  • Note: Made against order only.

Frequency Agile Demodulator


  • Input Frequency Range: 48 to 860 MHz
  • Output : Audio & Video / Power Requirement : 230 V A/c
  • This instrument is useful in making quality measurement check in head end (control room) with the help of waveform monitor. This instrument is useful in getting some programme from the other network or from off the air T.V. Transmission and putting it on your network with the help of modulator with minimum distortion.Suitable for Optical RF Demodulator.

Frequency Agile FM Modulator


  • It is useful for sending music on CATV network.
  • Useful in FM Radio Manufacturing plant.
  • This is suitable for sending music on standard FM band i.e. from 87 to 108 MHz and is pretuned on standard FM Radio board cast channels and has PLL for accurate & stable frequency is compatible with both mono and stereo transmission it has internal 1 KHz tone generator for testings purpose.

Frequency Agile T.V Channel Connector


  • Input Frequency Range : 48 to 860 MHz
  • Output Frequency Range : 48 to 860 MHz
  • Note : Made against order only.
  • This instrument can convert any T.V. channel from E2 to E69 to any desired T.V. channel at the output and is very useful for converting local Doordrashan channel to some other channel to minimise signal pickup (ingress).

16 Channel Passive Combiner


  • Frequency Range : 5MHz to 600/750/860 MHZ 20db
  • Test Point in Front
  • Through loss - 20db

Saw Filter Modulator (Captain) Series Model No. 007


  • Input Frequency Range : 48 to 860 MHz
  • Output : Audio & Video / Power requirement : 230 V A/c
  • Frequency Range : PAL B/G 48-860 MHz.
  • o/p Level : 110dBu V (max) + 5dB.
  • o/p Level Range : 0 to 20dB adjustable.
  • C/N : > 68dB.

Captain Mark I / II


  • External Audio & Video IF Loop provided for scrambling
  • Both Audio & Video carries our PLL for pre size & stable frequency control.
  • Use of helical filter for minimising harmonics & Spurious in thr RF output.
  • Frequency Range: PAL BG 48-860MHz (CH E2 to E69)
  • Double PLL: Audio & Video for Mark II.
  • Single PLL: Audio & Video for Mark I
  • Output Level: 120dBuV (max) +/- 5db
  • Output Level: Range: 0-20Db Adjustable
  • C/N:>68db